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Combinatorial Card Games: Point 24 ...   (MathSource: Packages and Programs)
Given four numbers drawn from a set of poker cards, the intellectual challenge is to combine them with operators so that the result is 24. In Krypto, 5 numbers from 1 to 25 ...
Solutions to Elementary Problem E2 (digital product) and Advanced Problem A2 (SmallestPerfectSquare) from previous issue (3:3)
contents: Lottery; SlickDeal
solutions to Elementary Problem E1, Advanced Problem A1 from previous issue (3:2) new problems: Elementary Problem E2 (digital product), Advanced Problem A2 ...
Superprime Rib, and responses by John Novak; Lou D'Andria; Ken Levasseur
A reader submits three variations of a solution to the dinner guest problem.
The editor discovers new problems and solutions while using Version 3.0's palettes to construct a notebook of probability simulations.
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