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Compartmental and Biokinetic Modeling

Guillermo Sánchez
Organization: Universidad de Salamanca
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Compartmental and biokinetic analysis has aplication in many areas such as: pharmacokinetic, internal dosimetry, nuclear medicine, ecosystem studies and chemical reaction kinetics. ompartmental modeling consists in analyzing a system separating it into a finite number of component parts called compartments which interact through the exchange of material. A compartmental system is usually represented by a flow diagram or a block diagram and represented for system of differential equations. Additional material in author website: http://web.usal.es/~guillerm

This tutorial requires the package Biokmod.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Differential Equations
*Science > Chemistry
*Science > Medicine

compartmental system, decay
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*Biokmod 3: A Mathematica toolbox for modeling biokinetic systems and for fitting coefficients with special application to solve the ICRP models. (ICRP 66, 68 and 78)   [in MathSource: Packages and Programs]
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SysModelTutorial.nb (2.4 MB) - Mathematica notebook