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Biokmod 3: A Mathematica toolbox for modeling biokinetic systems and for fitting coefficients with special application to solve the ICRP models. (ICRP 66, 68 and 78)

Guillermo Sánchez
Organization: Universidad de Salamanca
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BIOKMOD solves biokinetic and pharmacokinetic models using system of ordinary differential equations. The package is friendlier than used directly Mathematica functions DSolve or NDSolve, even in many occasion is faster. It solves the current ICRP models including acute, constant, continuous variable, multi-inputs and random intakes. All parameters (deposition factors, rate transfer coefficients, fractional rate of absorption, etc.) can be modified by users. The intakes can be estimated fitting bioassay data where not only the quantities intaken but also other parameters (AMAD, f1, etc.) can be assumed unknown. Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis can also be made. Some of the most usual features of BIOKMOD can be run directly, using the webMathematica, at: Additional material, update, and information in author website

*Science > Medicine

Biokinetic, Differential Equations, fit, Compartmental, Modeling, Modelling, ICRP, Radiological Protection, Radioprotection, Health Physics, Internal Dosimetry, Radiaction
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Download (1.2 MB) - zip archive of Mathmatica notebooks and packages