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Bo Herlin
Matthew D. Langston
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David E. Konerding
Organization: University of California, San Francisco
Wallace Lee
Bruce E Shapiro
Organization: Caltech
Department: Control and Dynamical Systems
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Sourceforge.net provides a variety of open source projects. The below items have materials for Mathematica.

MathSBML is an open-source package for working with Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) models in Mathematica. SBML is an XML-based description language for representing computational models in systems biology. MathSBML provides facilities for reading SBML models, converting them to systems of ordinary differential equations for simulation and plotting in Mathematica, and translating the models to other formats. It supports both Level 1 and Level 2 SBML. MathSBML, or its homepage.

Musica is a sound and music synthesis package for Mathematica, providing advanced facilities for composition, analysis and playback. musica

MathROOT is a tool for high-energy physicists to access the ROOT data analysis framework from within Mathematica mathroot

The mysql-mlink package provides rudimentary access to a MySQL database from Mathematica. This software can be used to connect to a local or remote database, do arbitrary queries and retreive the results in a format that is easily usable within Mathematica. mysql-mlink

CSSSave` is a package for Mathematica 4, which extends the export to HTML functionality to use CSS Stylesheets for the html page. csssave

This C++ wrapper is intended for the wrapping around of the mathematica core library. It allows simple core mathematica function calling of the form: Mathematica m; m.factor(); mffmmathematica

MathHist is a histogramming package for Mathematica. Although Mathematica includes rudimentary histogramming functionality, MathHist provides a vastly extended set of histogramming functionality for High Energy Physicists. mathhist

JCosyne is a Java framework for distributed computing based on JMX. It is composed of a server part, a client part with a visualization tool and a small set of core remote tasks (result storage, logging, monitoring etc). Integrates with Mathematica. jcosyne

*Applied Mathematics

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