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Interactive Graphics Using MathLink

Chikara Miyaji
Organization: University of Tsukuba

1999 International Mathematica Symposium

Interactive graphics effectively expresses the dynamic structure of a model, and helps improve the intuitive understanding of concepts in the sciences. Also it can be used as a user interface tool.

Presently, Mathematica graphics are not interactive but instead are static and merely a side-effect of computation. It is not possible to select a part of a graphic using the mouse, nor can one make interactive dynamic relationships between graphical elements.

The graphics system introduced here is a MathLink program for creating interactive graphical objects which the user can manipulate. In this program,

* all graphics point, line, curve, and text are represented as objects which can be manipulated by mouse; * all graphics are manipulated by a kernel evaluation; * the relationship between objects can be defined as Mathematica functions.

This paper outlines the system and discusses its design and implementation.

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