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Mathematica as a Communication Enhancement Tool in the Classroom

Hiroshi Kimura
Chikara Miyaji
Organization: Japan Institute of Sports Sciences
Organization: Kashiwa High School
Kenji Yoshida
Organization: Konan Boy's High School

1999 International Mathematica Symposium

To use computers in Math classes, it is required that the computers can do Math well and are easy to use. Moreover, if they help communications between student and teacher and student and student, they enlarge the possibilities of interactions in classrooms.

However, technology of network software for education is not matured yet. Existing network softwares are sometimes powerless, and generally inflexible to modify and hard to collaborate with other educational softwares.

In this presentation, we demonstrate the network tools built on Mathematica.

Our goals are to provide tools;

1) help various type of communications such as; one-to-all, one-to-several, and one-to-one, 2) help communications using not only text, but also various formats; structured text, Mathematical formula, and pictures, 3) can be used easily by the student, 4) can be easily customized by the teacher for their special needs.

We report the effectiveness of the tools from the experiment and experiences.


math education, communication enhancment, classroom