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Code Generation for Simulation and Control Applications

Mats Jirstrand
Organization: MathCore Engineering AB
URL: http://www.mathcore.com
Johan Gunnarsson
Organization: MathCore Engineering AB
URL: http://www.mathcore.com

1999 International Mathematica Symposium

The use of Mathematica in combination with MathCode C++ is illustrated in a context of modeling of dynamical systems and design of controllers. The symbolic tools are used to derive a set of nonlinear differential equations using Euler-Lagrange equations of motion. The model is converted to C++ using MathCode C++, which produces an efficient implementation of the large expressions used in the model. The exported code is used for simulations, which illustrates that Mathematica in combination with MathCode C++ can be used to do accurate and powerful simulations of nonlinear systems. Controller synthesis is performed where the resulting controller is exported to C++ and run externally. The applications presented are a seesaw/pendulum process and aerodynamics of a fighter aircraft.

*Engineering > Control Theory
*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Applications from Independent Developers > MathCode C++

MathCode C++, modeling dynamical systems, controller design, Euler-Lagrange equations, Controller synthesis