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webMathematica Seminar

Tom Wickham-Jones
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Director of Kernel Technology

2003 webMathematica Seminar
Conference location

Long Beach, CA

In this seminar, Tom Wickham-Jones, Director of Strategic Kernel Technology at Wolfram Research, Inc. and key developer of webMathematica, will introduce this new technology and present an in-depth tutorial with live demonstrations of the technology. He will also discuss the next generation of webMathematica technology, the soon-to-be-released webMathematica 2.0.

With a focus on the technology, the seminar will provide instruction on how to develop content for a webMathematica site and how to administer the site. Examples will include using webMathematica to build web-based calculators and larger web-computing environments. The seminar will demonstrate integrating webMathematica with existing web environments as well as with web technologies such as Java Server Pages (JSP) and database connectivity tools. In addition, the seminar will show how to call a webMathematica server from other clients such as spreadsheet and Java applications.

*Wolfram Technology > Special Versions > webMathematica

server-based, Java servlets, interactive, intranets, environments, connectivity
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