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Interactive MathML Processing on the Web

Pavi Sandhu
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.

2003 MathML International Conference

We have developed a new web site called mathmlcentral.com that is intended as a general resource for the MathML community. The site includes a set of interactive tools for creating, rendering, validating, and transforming MathML. Using these tools, it is possible to do the following.

1. Convert MathML input to a variety of formats including GIF, JPEG, SVG, or Mathematica expressions. The properties of the output, such as the font size, transparency, display width, and so on are customizable via a preferences dialog.

2. Convert arbitrary mathematical expressions, in Mathematica syntax or standard mathematical notation, to MathML. The output can be in the form of presentation markup, content markup, or both and can also be tailored to a specific display environment, such as browsers supporting the W3C's Universal MathML stylesheet.

3. Validate MathML against the MathML 2.0 DTD. The server can check for syntax errors in any MathML expression and either confirm that the expression is valid or print an error message specifying the type and location of the error.

4. Perform simple computations on MathML input, such as plotting graphs or solving integrals.

5. Process XHTML documents to automatically convert any embedded MathML expressions into images. The resulting document can then be viewed in all browsers, including those that do not support MathML.

*Information Science and Technology > Internet
*Information Science and Technology > Mathematical Typesetting > MathML

MathML, GIF, JPEG, Interactive, mathematical expressions


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