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Mathematica Navigator: Mathematics, Statistics, and Graphics, Second Edition

Heikki Ruskeepää
Book information

Publisher: Elsevier Academic Press
Copyright year: 2004
ISBN: 012603642X
Medium: Paperback
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 844
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Preface | Starting | Sightseeing | Notebooks | Files | 2D Graphics for Functions | Options for 2D Graphics | 3D Graphics for Functions | Options for 3D Graphics | 2D Graphics for Data | 3D Graphics for Data | Numbers | Expressions | Lists | Functions | Programs | Differential Calculus | Integral Calculus | Matrices | Equations | Optimization | Interpolations | Approximation | Differential Equations | Partial Differential Equations | Difference Equations | Probability | Statistics | References | Index

Designed for students with no previous knowledge of Mathematica, this book emphasizes applied mathematical and statistical methods, graphics, and programming. It will take readers through complex mathematical topics with an emphasis on graphic representation. This new edition incorporates thorough revisions, extensive information about Mathematica as a writing tool, and is now based on Mathematica 5.

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Reference, Adams method, Approximation, Bar charts, Brownian Motion, Confidence Intervals, Delaunay triangulations, Elliptic Integrals, Fredholm integral equations, Gear's method, Horner form, Implicit functions, Jenkins-Traub algorithm, Knapsack problem, Loess method, Marsaglia-Zaman generator
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