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Exploring Multivariable Calculus with Mathematica (Preliminary Edition)

C-K. Cheung
G. E. Keough
Tim Murdoch
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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Copyright year: 1996
ISBN: 0471137545
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 234
Out of print?: Y
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Introduction to Mathematica | Graphing Functions of One Variable | Three Dimensional Space | Graphs of Functions of Two Variables | Functions of Three Variables and Level Surfaces | Vectors | Partial Derivatives | Local Linearity and the Differential | Directional Derivatives and Gradient Vectors | Second Order Partial Derivatives and Quadratic Approximation | Maxima, Minima and Saddle Points | Lagrange Multipliers | Double Integrals | Triple Integrals | Numerical Integration: The Monte Carlo Method | Double Integrals in Polar Coordinates | Integration in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates | Change of Variables in Double and Triple Integrals | Parametric Curves and Velocity Vectors | Parametric Surfaces | Vector Fields and Flow | Line Integrals | Conservative Vector Fields and Green's Theorem | Flux Integrals | Divergence and the Divergence Theorem | The Curl and Stokes' Theorem

Laboratory manual to accompany Multivariable Calculus by W. McCallum, D. Hughes-Hallett, A. Gleason, et al. Contains 27 modules that can be used as a supplement to the text or as a source of computer lab assignments.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Calculus
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