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Getting Started with Mathematica, Second Edition

C-K. Cheung
G. E. Keough
Robert H. Gross
Charles Landraitis
Book information

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Copyright year: 2005
ISBN: 0471478156
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 231
Out of print?: N
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Part 1. Basic Mathematica Commands
Running Mathematica | Calculator Features in Mathematica | Variables and Functions | Computer Algebra | Working with Equations | Mathematica Lists | Getting Help and Loading Packages
Part 2. 2-D Pictures in Mathematica
Making Graphs | Plotting a Curve | More on Mathematica 2D Graphics
Part 3. Mathematica for One-Variable Calculus
Limits and Derivatives | Integration | Series, Taylor Series, and Fourier Series
Part 4. 3-D Pictures in Mathematica
Making Graphs in Space | Level Curves and Level Surfaces | Parametric Curves and Surfaces in Space
Part 5. Mathematica for Advanced Calculus
Partial Differentiation and Multiple Integration | Matrices and Vectors | Vector Fields | Solving Differential Equations | Solving Partial Differential Equations
Part 6. Using Mathematica in Statistics
More About Lists | Basic Statistics | Regression and Interpolation
Part 7. Advanced Features of Mathematica
Advanced Graphics in Mathematica | Writing Mathematica Programs | Animation | Random Numbers and Simulation
Working with Notebooks | Input Shortcuts

Text designed as a tutorial with emphasis on getting the reader using Mathematica quickly. Can also be used as a supplement or reference for students taking a mathematics or science course that requires use of Mathematica.

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