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Calculations in Mathematica on Low-Frequency Diffraction by a Circular Disk

J. Boersma
M. Anthonissen
Journal / Anthology

Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal
Year: 1996
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Page range: 47-56

This paper is devoted to the symbolic calculation of the scattering coefficient in diffraction by a circular disk, by the use of Mathematica. Three diffraction problems are considered: scalar diffraction by an acoustically soft disk, scalar diffraction by an acoustically hard disk, and electromagnetic diffraction by a perfectly conducting disk. In the low-frequency approximation, the solutions of these problems are in the form of expansions in powers of ka, where a is the radius of the disk and k is the wave number. The emphasis is on the low-frequency expansion for the scattering coefficient, of which several terms are determined exactly with the help of Mathematica.

*Science > Physics > Wave Motion