• Many commands are built into Mathematica, but many more specialized ones are defined in packages. Packages are files that contain definitions of Mathematica functions. To use a package, you must load it into Mathematica. To load a package, you need to know what directory it is in. For example, the package file Colors.m is inside the directory Graphics. To load Colors.m, you must evaluate the following command.
    << Graphics`Colors`

  • In Mathematica, you can use the notion of "contexts" to organize the names of symbols. Contexts are particularly important in Mathematica packages that introduce symbols whose names must not conflict with those of any other symbols. The full name of any symbol is broken into two parts: a context and a short name. The full name is written as context`name, where the ` is the backquote or grave accent character, called a "context mark" in Mathematica.

  • To use one of the standard add-on packages, go to Standard Packages in the Add-ons section in the Mathematica Help Browser to find out about the hundreds of additional functions supplied with every full copy of Mathematica. Topics include graphics, numerics, discrete math, data tables, and much more.

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