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Slider puzzle   (infocenter)
A simple game where the object is to slide squares around the puzzle in order that they lie in numeric order. Game sizes from 3 x 3 to 10 x 10 are supported.
TicTacToe Game   (infocenter)
A simple game of TicTacToe in 2 or 3 dimensions. Play against other people or against the computer. The tactics algorithms can be modified to change the game style.
Quick Help Palette   (infocenter)
A palette which creates a window with the usage message of the currently selected command.
Equation Solving Tutor   (infocenter)
A palette which allows students to practice solving equations using a step-by-step approach. The palette deals with the mechanics of each step but the student must select ...
Subexpressions   (infocenter)
A package which allows a complicated expression to be presented in a more understandable form by extracting large repeated subexpressions. The package is intended for visual ...
PinPlot3D   (infocenter)
A package containing a function for creating 3D pin charts from data. Simillar to the standard function ScatterPlot3D except lines locate the {x,y} values for each point.
Simulation data for finding the 25 Best Hangman Words post on the Wolfram Blog.
Report Generation   (infocenter)
This tutorial covers techniques for the automatic generation and manipulation of structured documents and reports. This involves programming the symbolic description of ...
Wolfram Research's new mid-market technical computing system, CalculationCenter, offers an alternative platform for delivering live electronic books and technical ...
We will discuss the functionalities, implementation and use of a converter translating Maple worksheets as automatically as possible into an equivalent (from a computational ...
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