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Slider puzzle   (infocenter)
A simple game where the object is to slide squares around the puzzle in order that they lie in numeric order. Game sizes from 3 x 3 to 10 x 10 are supported.
TicTacToe Game   (infocenter)
A simple game of TicTacToe in 2 or 3 dimensions. Play against other people or against the computer. The tactics algorithms can be modified to change the game style.
Quick Help Palette   (infocenter)
A palette which creates a window with the usage message of the currently selected command.
RibbonPlot3D   (infocenter)
A package containing two new graphics functions: RibbonPlot3D and ListRibbonPlot3D. These visualise data or functions of one variable as 3D 'ribbons'. Options are supplied to ...
Equation Solving Tutor   (infocenter)
A palette which allows students to practice solving equations using a step-by-step approach. The palette deals with the mechanics of each step but the student must select ...
Integral Approximations   (infocenter)
A palette for students to experiment with approximations to integrals by different methods. The palette allows the student to enter a function and range and sample rate and ...
Subexpressions   (infocenter)
A package which allows a complicated expression to be presented in a more understandable form by extracting large repeated subexpressions. The package is intended for visual ...
PinPlot3D   (infocenter)
A package containing a function for creating 3D pin charts from data. Simillar to the standard function ScatterPlot3D except lines locate the {x,y} values for each point.
PieChart3D   (infocenter)
A package containing a function for creating 3D pie charts from data. Simillar to the built-in PieChart function with extra options for thickness and for controlling which ...
Simulation data for finding the 25 Best Hangman Words post on the Wolfram Blog.
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