About PolygonTriangulation`

PolygonTriangulation` consists of two Mathematica 4.0 packages: SimplePolygonTriangulation` and PolygonTessellation`. The SimplePolygonTriangulation` package offers functions to decompose simple polygons (polygons without self-intersections) into triangles. Non-simple polygons can be tessellated into simple polygons with the PolygonTessellation` package.

Triangulation and tessellation of polygons are of special interest in three dimensions as Mathematica displays non-convex and/or self-intersecting polygons embedded in three dimensions not the way many users expect.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of both packages is 1.2. All files of PolygonTriangulation` are assembled in a single archive. However, there are three versions of this archive for different platforms.

platform archive
UNIX PolygonTriangulation.tar.gz
Windows PolygonTriangulation.zip
MacOS PolygonTriangulation.sit.hqx
Archives for different platforms.

Each of the archives contains the following 7 files.

full file name description
./PolygonTriangulation/README ASCII version of this page
./PolygonTriangulation/SimplePolygonTriangulation.m Mathematica code
./PolygonTriangulation/PolygonTessellation.m Mathematica code
./PolygonTriangulation/Documentation/English/BrowserCategories.m online help categories
./PolygonTriangulation/Documentation/English/BrowserIndex.nb online help index file
./PolygonTriangulation/Documentation/English/SimplePolygonTriangulation.nb online help file
./PolygonTriangulation/Documentation/English/PolygonTessellation.nb online help file
Files in each archive.

The PolygonTriangulation directory should be moved into the ($TopDirectory)/AddOns/ExtraPackages/ directory. Then you should rebuild the Mathematica online help index in order to include links to the documentation in the help browser. Once installed,




will load the packages.


The first versions of these packages were written during an internship at Wolfram Research, Inc. in August 1999. I would like to thank many people at WRI for making my internship so extremely pleasant, in particular my inofficial supervisors Eric W. Weisstein and Michael Trott.

Martin Kraus, 17 January 2000