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N Function of Mathematica and Some Notices to Numerical Quadrature

Monika Kováčová
Department: Department of Mathematics

1999 Mathematica Conference (Slovakia)

Abstract: There are many mathematical operations that are inherently infinite in nature: limits, infinite sums, Riemann integrals, even derivatives are defined as a limit of a difference quotient. Because these operations are essentially infinite it is not possible to perform them numerically; the best we can do is evaluate some finite analogue that is designed to have a relatively small error in most practical situations. Of course Mathematica can sometimes actually do the operation symbolically and it is generally recommended that you make use of this ability when possible.

*Applied Mathematics > Numerical Methods

Numerical Quadrature

DKovacovaPublikKovacova1999Kovacova_Kalnica_99.pdf (335.2 KB) - PDF Document

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