Create Plots Using Mathematica

Simple Plots

With Mathematica, you can effortlessly create simple plots.



Dozens of options are available to customize plots. In this example, the Frame option is used to draw a box around the plot.



Parametric Plots

Besides plotting standard linear and nonlinear equations in x and y, Mathematica can easily plot parametric curves.



Combining Plots

Mathematica makes it easy to create plots with multiple functions. Just as easily as it can plot one equation, Mathematica can plot several equations simultaneously.



Plotting Sets of Data

The ListPlot command allows you to easily plot sets of data, gathered or generated from a wide variety of sources. Here is a table of sin(x) values with "noise" added.


Here is a plot of the data.



Three-Dimensional Plots

Graphing functions of two variables in three dimensions can be done easily using Plot3D.



As with all of Mathematica's plotting functions, you can add options to control how your plots look. In this example, options are used to show the function with a finer grid and with the axes suppressed.