Assistance for Functions

If you are in doubt about a command's name or the arguments it requires, you can access three helpers directly from the command line.

  • Auto Completion

    Type the first couple of letters of the command name and press CONTROL-K.* Mathematica will show you a pop-up list of possible completions. Try it by clicking the word Plot in the following cell and pressing CONTROL-K.* You might have to wait a couple of seconds for the kernel to start up.


    This works even for your own functions and variables.

  • Function Templates

    If you want to see a template of the command and its optional parameters, simply press CONTROL-SHIFT-K* and Mathematica will provide a template. Try it by moving the cursor behind Plot3D and pressing CONTROL-SHIFT-K.*


    You should see the following line.

  • Palettes

    Of course you can always use the input palettes provided in the File -> Palettes submenu. Simply press the correct button, and Mathematica will paste a template of the function cell into the notebook. You can use the TAB key to enter your parameters. For example, take a look at Basic Calculations.

*These are the Windows shortcuts. For other platforms, please consult your documentation.