Model libraries

Also, Analog Insydes contains model libraries for diodes, BJTs, and MOSFETs.


BJTs, or bipolar junction transistors, are your basic PNP and NPN transistors. Analog Insydes provides the following analysis models.

Nonlinear Analog Behavioral Model  Small-Signal Model (PSpice, SPICE2)
Simplified BJT Small-Signal Model  Nullor Model  Fixator

MOSFETs are Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect-Transistors. For MOSFETs, Analog Insydes provides:
  • Piecewise and continous nonlinear analog behavioral model based on SPICE1
  • MOS Small-Signal Model (SPICE2, PSpice)
  • Small-Signal Model without ohmic resistances and gate bulk capacitance
  • Small-Signal Model for low frequencies
  • Small-Signal Model without ohmic resistances and bulk effects
  • Nullor Model
  • Fixator Model
To show how simple these models are, here is a MOSFET modeled with the Small-Signal Model.


Analysis functions