Wolfram Library Archive


What Is It?

The Wolfram Library Archive is a collection of Mathematica-related materials that have been categorized for easy browsing and searching. Books, articles, Mathematica programs, and other materials are presented in a standard format, with summaries, bibliographical information, and in many cases links to the full text. Thousands of documents have been included, with more added each week.

You can browse the Wolfram Library Archive by resource type (e.g., an index of all books about Mathematica) or by subject (e.g., material of any type relating Mathematica to teaching), or you can query it with our powerful search engine. We hope you will find both specific answers and new questions that will help you learn more about Mathematica and use it more productively.

What's Here, What's Not (Yet)

The content and functionality of our long-lived and popular MathSource site have been completely integrated into the Wolfram Library Archive, as have the tutorials, examples, demos, and how-tos originally found at library.wolfram.com in the Mathematica Resource Library.

Additional Mathematica resources can be found in our Documentation Center, the technical support FAQs site, and our product information section. As the Wolfram Library Archive continues to grow, you will find that these resources and more will be increasingly incorporated into this site.

Help Make the Library Archive Bigger and Better

We encourage our users to continue the tradition started with MathSource by contributing items to the Library Archive. Sharing programs and notebooks with other users makes Mathematica a richer, more valuable tool for everyone. Knowing how the Mathematica community uses Mathematica helps us determine future design goals.

If you notice any mistakes we've made in classifying items or if you have questions about any of the material, please send email to infocenter@wolfram.com. And, by all means, please tell us what you think about the site and how we can improve it further.

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