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Donald Barnhart
Organization: Optica Software, a division of i-Cyt Mission Technology
URL: https://www.opticasoft.com/

Optica SE
Optica SE is a new generation of optical design software. It offers unprecedented flexibility and builds upon the enormous repertoire of symbolic, numeric and graphic capabilities in Mathematica. With its searchable component database of more than 6,800 commercial optical parts, you can design optical systems faster than ever before. Yet Optica SE does not limit you to predefined components, nor constrain you with limited script languages.

Optica EM
Optica EM is Optica Software's most advanced optical design package for Mathematica. In addition to the standard Optica SE features, Optica EM performs full vector diffraction calculations to directly calculate the behaviors of nanostructures, photon sieves and gratings.

Optica SE and Optica EM require Mathematica 10 or greater and are compatible with all Mathematica platforms.

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Optical engineering, optic systems, fiber coupling, fiber-optic systems, Gaussian beam, geometrical optics, illumination, optics, lenses, ray tracing, optical, vector diffraction calculations
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