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Geometry Expressions Example: Archimedes' Trammel

Saltire Software
Organization: Saltire Software
URL: http://saltire.com

In this example we use Geometry Expressions to create an Archimedes' Trammel mechanism, which generates an ellipse. We use a point A as the ellipse's center, and put a point E on the same horizontal line as A. The points C and E are constrained to run along the ellipse's axes (the green lines), while the distance between them is set to a-b. When we trace the locus of the point D at distance b from E along the same line, we get an ellipse with semimajor axis a and semiminor axis b.

Note: The downloadable file requires Geometry Expressions. You can buy the Mathematica application package from Wolfram Research or request a trial version from the developer.

*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Applications from Independent Developers > Geometry Expressions
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