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Polynomial Control Systems

Wolfram Research, Inc.
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Note: This is a discontinued product. Archival documentation »

Polynomial Control Systems extends the scope of Control System Professional and is part of Control System Professional Suite. It provides new tools for modeling, analysis, and design of linear control systems described by polynomial matrix equations or matrices with rational polynomial elements. For multivariable systems, these polynomial-based algorithms often give designers more informative and meaningful answers than established state-space-based methods.

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coprime, left coprime, right coprime, decoupling zeros, diagonal dominance, dominance ratio, dynamic feedback, functionally controllable, input decoupling zeros, input-output pairing, invariant zeros, least order system, left half-plane controllable, left matrix fraction, right matrix fraction, Luenberger canonical form, matrix GCD, matrix greatest common divisor, McMillan degree, McMillan form, minimal order system, nyquist array, output feedback, Perron-Frobenius scaling, polynomial system matrix, Smith form, system equivalence reduction, transmission zeros
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