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Statistical Inference Package

Esa Uusipaikka
Organization: University of Turku
URL: http://www.statisticalinference.com

Statistical Inference Package is a Mathematica application package that makes it easy for users to do classical likelihood-based statistical inference. It provides the following:
  • Procedures for maximum likelihood estimation
  • Likelihood ratio tests for general parametric hypotheses
  • Profile-likelihood-based confidence intervals for general-interest parametric functions
  • A large collection of discrete and absolutely continuous univariate and multivariate distributions
  • The ability to readily form complicated models from simpler ones
  • Many sophisticated statistical regression models such as univariate/multivariate-linear/nonlinear, logistic, Poisson, multinomial, etc.
  • A new method for calculating profile-likelihood-based confidence intervals for general parametric functions in general parametric statistical models
  • Easy access to Mathematica's powerful tools for doing mathematics, graphics, programming, and presentations

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statistics, inference, statistical inference
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