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gridMathematica provides an affordable, easy-to-use way to take full advantage of grid-computing hardware such as the multiprocessor machines and computing clusters that are now more accessible to many research groups, universities, and companies.

gridMathematica gives immediate access to the world's leading collection of algorithms and mathematical knowledge. It offers all of the same features and programmatic capabilities as Mathematica, including thousands of functions covering areas such as numerical computation, symbolic computation, graphics, and general programming. gridMathematica takes advantage of Mathematica 5.1 functionality such as industrial-strength string manipulation, built-in universal database connectivity, highly optimized binary data I/O, high-speed numerical linear algebra, 64-bit platform support, improved communication bandwidth, and reduced latency. Recently added Mathematica 5.2 functionality includes new 64-bit support for all platforms, support for multicore processors, 64-bit-enhanced arbitrary-precision numerics, and vector-based performance enhancements.

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