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Magnetica User Book

Lucien Donadieu

The release that comes with this book is the first public release of Magnetica, a high precision magnetostatics software.

This software is a response to the need for high precision field calculation in MRI design. It was at first developed by Professor Lucien Donadieu for his personal use.

Magnetica was developed under the scientific system Mathematica which is a powerful,fully integrated environment for technical computing. It offers the user access to a vast collection of algorithms as well as to a programming language. Magnetica is designed so that only a very limited knowledge of Mathematica is required. A large variety of examples (more than a hundred) is integrated into Magnetica, thus reducing learning time. By using a limited set of commands, the user can create and display magnetic systems, compute fields, draw field maps and compute even more complex functions.

Combining Magnetica and Mathematica allows the user to solve advanced magnetostatics problems.

This release is fully functional for 2D cylindrical axis symmetric systems for all kinds of configurations even with ferromagnetic materials, including field, gradient, flux and inductance calculations.

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Magnetism, amperian, flux, field, solenoid, Helmholtz coil pair, magnetic, superconducting, gradient
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magneticaBook_a4.pdf (6 MB) - PDF Document
magneticaBook_letter.pdf (6 MB) - PDF Document
MagSphereWRI.nb (526.9 KB) - Sample analysis with Magnetica of a sphere