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SchematicSolver, Version 2

Miroslav D. Lutovac
Organization: University of Belgrade
Department: School of Electrical Engineering
Dejan V. Tosic
Organization: University of Belgrade
Department: School of Electrical Engineering

SchematicSolver Version 2 has unique features not available in other software:
  • Symbolic signal processing with MIMO systems; computation of symbolic output sequence, for a symbolic input sequence, with the system parameters and states specified by symbols
  • Symbolic derivation of the system response and transfer functions as closed-form expressions in terms of symbolic system parameters
  • For some nonlinear systems, derivation of closed-form expressions of output signals for stimuli given by closed-form expressions
  • Automated generation of software implementation of linear and nonlinear discrete systems directly from the schematic specified by symbolic parameters
  • Derivation of closed-form relations between parameters of a system, such as the power-complementary property of high-speed digital filters
  • Mixed symbolic-numeric signal processing and optimization
  • Modeling systems that work with symbolic complex signals, such as the Hilbert transformer
  • Modeling efficient multirate systems - functions for upsampling and downsampling discrete signals and for generating the most common discrete signals
  • Functions to generate common schematics with symbolic system parameters
  • Design of linear systems for known symbolic transfer function or impulse response
  • Accurate simulations of discrete-time (digital) and continuous-time (analog) systems, such as digital filters, velocity servo systems, square-law envelope detectors, automatic gain control (AGC), thermodynamics of a house, quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), adaptive LMS systems, CD-media controller, dynamic feedback systems, shuttle pitch control, satellite elevation tracking system.

*Engineering > Signal Processing
*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Applications from Independent Developers > SchematicSolver

nonlinear system, symbolic processing, software implementation, system design, system modeling, mouse-driven drawing, block diagram, digital system, multirate system, efficient system, MIMO system, system simulation, analog system, adaptive algorithm, discrete system, signal processing, high-speed filter, Hilbert transformer, symbolic analysis, complex signal, system schematic, transfer function, solve system, decimation, interpolation, DTFT, DFT, state-space system, AGC system, QAM system, LMS algorithm, polyphase system, controller, tracking system, CD-media controller, shuttle control, detector, continuous-time system, satellite system, dynamic system, feedback system, servo system, diving submarine, halfband filter



GettingStarted.pdf (936.3 KB) - Getting Started PDF for Version 2.2 [for Mathematica 7.0]
manual.pdf (8.4 MB) - SchematicSolver product manual
manual22.pdf (5.1 MB) - PDF manual for Version 2.2 [for Mathematica 7.0]
GettingStarted.zip (250.6 KB) - Introductory notebook for SchematicSolver [for Mathematica 5.0]