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Tensors in Physics

Harald Soleng
Organization: Ad Infinitum AS

Tensors in Physics is a two-in-one Mathematica application package containing:
  • A user's guide and a brief refresher course in differential geometry that also aims to clarify and explain the definitions and conventions used by the computer program
  • The Mathematica-based program CARTAN, which provides the user with a fast and accurate way of getting from the vielbein to the curvature tensors in Riemann-Cartan geometries of arbitrary dimensions and signatures
The tensor concept is important in physics and has wide applications in such diverse fields as relativity theory, cosmology, high energy physics, field theory, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and mechanics. The package includes examples and references from the works of major mathematicians and scientific researchers such as Euler, Lagrange, Riemann, Levi, Civita, Brans, Dicke, Ricci, Cartan, Christoffel, Weyl, Cotton, York, and Einstein.

The program allows the user to compute tensor calculations with hundreds or thousands of components and can also be extended by the addition of user-defined functions. Calculations that previously took up to six months to work out by hand can now be done in a few minutes with a computer.

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tensors in physics, differential geometry, CARTAN, Riemann-Cartan, tensors


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readme.txt (766 B) - Text file
ChargedBlackHole.nb (28.1 KB) - Using CARTAN to derive the solution for a charged black hole

Files specific to Mathematica 2.2 version:
ChargedBlackHole.ma (27.6 KB) - Using CARTAN to derive the solution for a charged black hole