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János Pintér
Organization: Pintér Consulting Services, Inc.
URL: http://www.pinterconsulting.com

MathOptimizer is a Mathematica application package that provides tools for solving a very general class of global and local optimization problems. It is particularly suited for nonlinear models, including those that have an unknown number of local optima. MathOptimizer consists of two core solver packages and a solver integrator package. The first core solver package is based on a globally convergent adaptive stochastic search procedure and is used for global optimization of an aggregated merit function on a given interval. The second core solver package is based on a standard nonlinear programming approach mainly for local optimization with a given initial solution. The solver integrator package supports the individual or combined use of the core solver packages, but both of the core packages can also be used in stand-alone mode.

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mathoptimizer, modeling, optimization, global optimization, local optimization, adaptive stochastic