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Mathematica Link for LabVIEW

BetterVIEW Consulting
Organization: BetterVIEW Consulting

Note: This is a discontinued product.

Mathematica Link for LabVIEW provides a bridge between Mathematica and LabVIEW, allowing users to control a LabVIEW application (Virtual Instrument, or VI) from a Mathematica notebook or to call the Mathematica kernel from a LabVIEW VI. This dynamic link is ideal for Mathematica users looking for a quick and easy way to acquire data directly from scientific instruments or measurement systems and to integrate the data into Mathematica. It is also ideal for LabVIEW users with numerical and data analysis requirements that exceed LabVIEW's native mathematical capabilities. Mathematica Link for LabVIEW combines the power of Mathematica and LabVIEW throughout the entire problem-solving process--from initial exploration in the Mathematica notebook to a final stand-alone application that capitalizes on LabVIEW's data acquisition and graphical user interface capabilities and Mathematica's sophisticated data processing and analysis algorithms.

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