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MathCode C++

MathCore Engineering AB
Organization: MathCore Engineering AB
URL: http://www.mathcore.com

MathCode C++ is a Mathematica application package with a code-generation system that provides high performance, connectivity, and easy-to-use matrix arithmetic for the Mathematica developer. The core of the product is the translation of a subset of Mathematica code to C++. MathCode C++ is excellent for the user who wants to generate optimized C++ code that can be compiled for efficient numerical calculation. Using MathCode C++, functions, or even whole packages can be compiled to executables and connected seamlessly into Mathematica. Existing functions/libraries of C, C++, and Fortran77 code can also be linked during compilation and connected into Mathematica.

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MathCode C++, C++ code, production quality, automatic code generation, mathematica
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