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Industrial Electromagnietism

Stefan Braun
Organization: Ingenieurbüro Stefan Braun

The Mathematica application package Industrial Electromagnetism provides innovative techniques for solving a variety of electromagnetic problems and allows you to create, change, and optimize parametric mathematical models quickly and intuitively. This package is especially useful for the industry professional as a preliminary investigation tool to establish design parameters.

The fields covered by Industrial Electromagnetism include electrostatics, magnetostatics, skin effect, electromagnetic waves, antennae, and waveguides. Mathematica's symbolic and numeric computational environment combined with its impressive graphics capabilities gives this package the flexibility and power required by industry experts, yet detailed explanations in both online notebooks and the manual make this software easy to understand, even for the inexperienced user.

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industrial electromagnetism, electromagnetic modeling, electromagnetic design, establish design, parameters, electrostatics, magnetostatics, skin effect, electromagnetic, waves