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Derivatives Expert

Innova Financial Solutions
Organization: Innova Financial Solutions
URL: http://www.ifs.dk

The Mathematica application package Derivatives Expert is a complete, fully integrated suite of functions for doing complex financial analysis and engineering with respect to most exchange and Over-The-Counter (OTC) traded securities and derivatives. Derivatives Expert fills a unique niche in the market for high-end financial analysis tools by providing financial engineers with an easy-to-use desktop environment for exploring, prototyping, and testing financial models without the programming overhead of larger, less-integrated systems. This environment makes Derivatives Expert an indispensable desktop tool for all serious financial analysts, brokers, traders, investment bankers, portfolio managers, treasurers, and financial consultants. In addition, Derivatives Expert fits directly with large, high-performance network systems such as webMathematica, IBM WebSphere, and Oracle.

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