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Signals and Systems

Wolfram Research, Inc.
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Note: This is a discontinued product. Archival documentation »

The Mathematica application package Signals and Systems is the only signal processing and analysis tool with complete symbolic power.

Signals and Systems's essential set of functions for analyzing signals, designing filters, and performing routine signal processing operations is a rare find for engineers. Its numerous built-in tools greatly simplify tasks that involve linear transforms, standard signal representations, and visualization. With a focus on symbolic techniques, these tools bring you capabilities not traditionally available in signal processing software, yet increasingly in demand for high-quality signal analysis. The package's ready-to-use functions help you perform algebraic manipulations on signals and systems to improve, develop, and implement new algorithms. And Mathematica's high-level programming language makes it easy to use the package as an extensible core for handling a wide variety of advanced signal processing problems.

While engineers in industry take advantage of the package to enhance productivity, educators find it particularly useful for teaching signals and systems courses. You can present interactive lessons containing problems and explanation in a Mathematica notebook, and have students derive, explain, and submit their solutions in the same notebook. Thousands of engineering students at universities around the world have already benefited from this technology!

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