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Electrical Engineering Examples

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Note: This is a discontinued product.

Use Electrical Engineering Examples, a Mathematica application package, for circuit analysis, transmission lines, and antenna design.

Whether you are analyzing circuit noise and distortion or plotting antenna field patterns, Electrical Engineering Examples is the place to look for practical examples of how to use Mathematica to solve real engineering problems. You'll quickly learn how to best apply Mathematica to basic and advanced tasks in circuit analysis, transmission line theory, and antenna design. Discover how Mathematica's hundreds of ready-to-use commands for matrix manipulation, equation solving, differentiation and integration, and Fourier and Laplace transforms help engineers around the world streamline their work. Save time and effort when you call on built-in routines for statistics, data analysis, and 2D and 3D graphics. Build models, run simulations, write programs, document projects, and create professional-looking reports. It's all much easier with Mathematica and Electrical Engineering Examples on your desktop. All the material in Electrical Engineering Examples is completely open and customizable, so you can examine how any function was created, use Mathematica's powerful programming language to modify or extend it for your needs, or simply create your own functions using Mathematica's built-in tools as building blocks.

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