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Minimize your rigid body system design time and explore more design options with MechanicalSystems. This powerful package speeds up your prototyping and simulation tasks, helping you develop and modify complex models, plus instantly visualize and analyze your design changes.

Using the complete library of over 50 two- and three-dimensional geometric constraints in MechanicalSystems, you can easily model complex mechanical relationships and define custom algebraic constraints to model nongeometric or control relationships. The object-oriented, model-building commands let you assemble constraints into a complete mechanism that can be solved for component position, velocity, and acceleration. By applying loads to the model, you can quickly solve for static reaction forces at mechanism joints or for dynamic forces when inertia properties are defined.

MechanicalSystems can also return mathematical components of a model in symbolic form, including equations of motion, algebraic constraints, inertia matrices, and Coriolis forces. To reflect mechanism motion, extensive graphics functions let you locate and animate complex images.

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