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Mathematica Link for Excel

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Mathematica Link for Excel adds over a thousand functions and options to Excel and lets you interactively explore them using the Mathematica function wizard. Excel formulas can suddenly perform symbolic computations, find complex roots, plot equations, and much more. Displaying Mathematica graphics and typesetting equations in Excel is as easy as entering a formula. Data and equations can be visualized in new and insightful ways that are not possible in Excel alone.

Mathematica Link for Excel 3 is a fully bidirectional link that can be used to:
  • Create spreadsheet formulas that call Mathematica from within Excel
  • Write code in Mathematica that interacts with and automates Excel
  • Call Mathematica code as if it were an Excel macro
  • Develop customized Excel import and export routines in Mathematica
  • Copy and paste data between Mathematica and Excel
  • Display Mathematica graphics and typeset expressions in Excel

*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Wolfram Research Applications > Mathematica Link for Excel

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