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Mathematica Teacher's Edition

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Mathematica Teacher's Edition, designed exclusively for secondary-level math teachers, combines powerful computation, time-saving tools, and ready-to-use courseware with an intuitive user interface. This software product allows teachers to focus on the important aspects of teaching instead of on mundane, routine tasks.

Mathematica Teacher's Edition provides a wealth of tools to help teachers put their students on the fast track to learning. The unique point-and-click problem generator enables math educators to quickly and easily generate original assignments, quizzes, and answer keys. Instead of pulling predefined problems out of a database, Mathematica Teacher's Edition creates them on the fly--so teachers can compile new assignments each time, or even make them unique for each student.

The underlying Mathematica computational engine in Mathematica Teacher's Edition easily tackles everything from simple calculator problems to advanced symbolic manipulations, while the complete presentation environment helps teachers create their own classroom demonstrations and handouts. Mathematica Teacher's Edition also comes with built-in courseware and classroom demos, ranging from prealgebra to calculus, to enhance students' understanding and visualization capabilities. Teachers can use these resources directly or customize them for their particular curriculum.

With Mathematica Teacher's Edition, teachers can:
  • Build customized assignments and quizzes in four easy steps
  • Automatically generate answer keys and verify solutions
  • Perform symbolic and numerical calculations in basic math, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus
  • Create classroom demos featuring live 2D and 3D graphics, animations, and sounds--all designed to help augment students' intuition and interest
  • Produce handouts with a full technical word-processing environment, including spell checking and mathematical typesetting
  • Show students multiple problem-solving approaches to any given problem

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