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Explore some of the most fascinating topics in mathematics, from ancient Greece up to the 21st century. Walk in the computational footsteps of history's greatest mathematicians, and discover the answers to many of their most perplexing questions, as Mathematical Explorer introduces you to some of the stories and faces behind the math.

Based on Mathematica technology, this stand-alone product mixes text, graphics, and formulas in a friendly, easy-to-use interface that is completely interactive, making you a participant and not just a spectator to mathematical ideas. Mathematical Explorer invites you to explore many interesting questions about both physical and abstract phenomena and to gain insight by computation and visualization.

Topics discussed in Mathematical Explorer include:
  • Prime Numbers: The Mysterious and Beautiful Sequence for 2, 3, 5...
  • Calculus: The Constancy of Change
  • Formulas for Computing Pi: The Never-Ending Quest for More Digits
  • Square Wheels: The Bizarre World of Wheels
  • The Power of Check Digits: Modular Arithmetic, Symmetries, and Group Theory
  • Recreational Mathematics: Puzzles Old and New
  • Exploring Escher Patterns: Playing with Periodicity
  • Varieties of Roses: Where Mathematics and Art Cross
  • Turtle Fractalization: Turtle Geometry, Fractals, and Space-Filling Curves
  • Patterns in Chaos: The Feigenbaum Discovery
  • Fermat's Last Theorem: Diophantine Equations and the Most Famous Problem in Mathematics
  • The Riemann Hypothesis: The Most Important Unsolved Problem in Mathematics
  • Unusual Number Systems: The Quest for a Better Number System
  • The Four-Color Theorem: Can Computers Prove Theorems?

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