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Exporting Fonts to EPS in Mac OS X

Paul J. Hinton
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
George Kambouroglou
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.

This file contains the means for including the fonts when exporting to EPS in OS X. This is most easily done in the terminal window as in the following example. This example places a copy of the fonts in with the exported graphic sinplot.eps and puts the whole thing in a directory called tmp.

georgekmac [26] tmp> ./emmathfnt -o sinplottest.eps -d /Applications/Mathematica\ 4.1.app/SystemFiles/Fonts/Type1/ sinplot.eps

George gives the following deciphering for the above:

./emmathfnt -o output_file_name -d directory_to_math_type1_fonts input_file_name

Be sure to notice the spaces.

*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Saving and Exporting
*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Text and Fonts
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