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Beam Statics Package

Levent Kitis
Organization: SRS Technologies Systems Engineering and Analysis
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The package BeamStatics.m calculates shear force, bending moment, slope, and deflection functions for a straight Euler--Bernoulli beam in static equilibrium. The program is flexible enough to solve most of the symbolic, numerical, and graphical exercises concerning beam deflections in the typical syllabus of a first course in engineering solid mechanics. The external loads on the beam may be concentrated forces, concentrated moments, uniformly distributed loads, linearly distributed loads, or distributed loads given as a function of position along the beam. The flexural rigidity may have step changes. Moment connections, shear connections, or rigid in-span connections may be included. Free, pinned, guided, or fixed supports may be specified at the two ends of the beam, but the user is responsible for the proper choice of supports so that the beam will be stable. The package will find shear force, bending moment, slope, and deflection curves, either symbolically or numerically depending on the input. For numerical input, there are functions for plotting these curves. In addition, the function DrawBeam draws the beam and the loads acting on it.

*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering
*Science > Physics > Mechanics

Beam Statics, physics, mechanical engineering, stress diagrams, shear force diagrams, concentrated loads, linearly distributed loads, boundary conditions, flexural rigidity, deflection, bending moment, mechanics, graphics, kinetics, materials science, strength of materials
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