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The Solution to Landau's Problems

N. L. Aljaddou
Organization: University of Nebraska Omaha
Department: Mathematics
URL: https://unomaha.academia.edu/NolanAljaddou
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The Solution to "Landau's Problems"

N. L. Aljaddou

Properties of the "Rho" function

Principal operator: ρ(p) [the prime function - delineating the number of integers between arbitrary sequenced primes].

I] Goldbach's Conjecture

1) Extend the definition of prime number to a generalized linear algebra vector quantity.

2) Thus, primes as collinear graphs mutually designate each other in magnitude sequence.

3) This is a continuous integrable character of the rho function; therefore, in a continuously generated arithmetic progression range (even numbers; multiples of "2"), the prime number field is a piecemeal duality representation of conjunct ordering - reflex symmetry - for arbitrary sets.


II] The Twin Prime Conjecture

1) ρ'(p) = 0

2) Set ∫ρ'(p) to 1

3) Thus, a unilateral unitary metric standard deviation from primacy - is intrinsic in the domain.


III] Legendre's Conjecture

1) Consider ρ(p) to be the inverse function of π(x) (the prime-counting function).

2) The value of the composite identity function, π(ρ(p)), necessarily results in the "prime- generating function" (the linear bijection relation, resulting in generating of baseline primacy).

3) (i) The introduction of the Lebesgue integral as metric results in a null standard deviation from the linear metric established in the prime-generating function - for the minimal coordinate graphing extension case [in two dimensions] - therefore the case of squared variables in the prime-counting function yields a derivative of zero; or primes are arbitrarily generated for successive integral variables, n2.

(ii) Corollary: The Near-Square Primes Conjecture

The Twin Prime Conjecture Proof, Legendre's Conjecture Proof



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IV] Review: Gotthold Eisenstein, Mathematische Werke, Weil, André. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. Volume 82, Number 5 (1976), 658-663.

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Landau's Problems (Solutions)

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