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Mikael Beuthe
Organization: Royal Observatory of Belgium
Department: Avenue Circulaire 3, 1180 Brussels Belgium
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MembraneWorlds illustrates the membrane approach to computing viscoelastic tidal (and load) Love numbers of 'membrane worlds', i.e. icy satellites having a subsurface ocean under a thin crust. These numbers are relevant to crust thickness estimates, tidal tectonics, tidal dissipation, true polar wander, tides in Titan's seas, atmospheric loading etc. In contrast with other programs computing Love numbers, MembraneWorlds.nb is not a black box but instead a collection of formulas and recipes which can be combined in different ways. The code is based on two papers: Beuthe (2015a) Tides on Europa: The membrane paradigm, Icarus 248 (2015) 109-134, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2014.10.027; arXiv.org:1410.4735v1 Beuthe (2015b) Tidal Love numbers of membrane worlds: Europa, Titan and Co., Icarus (in press, available online) doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.06.008; arXiv.org:1504.04574v2

*Science > Geology and Geophysics

planetology, tides, viscoelastic deformations, tidal dissipation, Love numbers, membrane theory, planetary dynamics, icy satellites, Europa, Titan
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