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Brillouin Zone Plotter

Csaba Géza Péterfalvi
Organization: University of Konstanz
Department: Physics
URL: http://peterfalvi.web.elte.hu
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The notebook BrillouinZonePlotter.nb contains two scripts:

1) myBZ[] generates 2D plots of any cross-section of the Brillouin Zones of any 3D crystal.

2) myRed2Ext[] transformes the coordinates of a k-vector to the Extended Zone Scheme from the Reduced Zone Scheme.

The scripts are commented and you also find a short user guide in the notebook and an example too.

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization
*Science > Physics > Solid State Physics

crystals, reciprocal space, k-vectors, band structure, Brillouin Zone, Extended Zone Scheme, Reduced Zone Scheme, visualization, solid state physics
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BrillouinZonePlotter.nb (136.6 KB) - Mathematica Notebook