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Data analysis Tools

Bernd Lamberts
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Package with various utility function for generic data analysis. base assumptions that the data are in a 2D list of lists

modules inlude
mLess::usage="Listable version of Less"
mGreater::usage="Listable version of Greater"
mWhich::usage="Convert List of TRUE & FALSE to Indices of TRUE"

grepT::usage="function to find a header index Returns a table"
grepi::usage="function to find a header index Returns as index list"
grepL::usage="function to find a header index Returns a list"

findX::usage="find all indices which meet foo function "
findNumeric::usage="find all indices which are numeric use : findNumeric[x] "
findNum::usage="find all indices which are numeric use : findNum[x] "

getData::usage="function to read the csv files use: getData[filename]"

(* Pivot Table tools *)
pTableChart::usage=" plot the data in form of a Pivot table use : pTableChart[tt_, nBy_: 2, debug_: False]"
pListChart::usage=" plot a List chart of the Mena values from the Pivot table use: pListChart[tt_, nBy_: 1, opt_]"
pGaugeChart::usage="plot a Gauge chart of the Mean, Median & Variation use : pGaugeChart[tt_, nBy_,opt_]"

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