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John Hendrickson
URL: http://sourceforge.net/u/debguy/profile/
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fNBookForm2[] prints num in Textbook Form with abbreviations in place of exponents (a default). Output is a compressed, dressed form textbooks often use for significant figure tables or to prevent superscripting in small text. Reading such numbers from textbook is supported by booknum. fNBookForm2Arb helps with arbitrary nums.

fNBookForm2 options: width, rounding, showprec, fill, sigzeros, commas, debug, sep, u

fNBookForm2 is a simple way to get quality n-digit condensed book table entries that other outputForms make difficult or cannot do. Hopefully better acc prec than a calculator and at least very handy aid for doing mistake-prone format conversions of many tricky InputForm (acc, prec of Reals, shorthand of). Very consistently can move sci data to an exact condensed table (ie, rounding control, sig fig, width) with mixed sci data. It works with Mathematica paradigims but keeps general sci use in mind too. In textbook form a number's properties have to be self-evident, "if you have to explain it, it's wrong".

*Applied Mathematics
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*Mathematics > Number Theory
*Wolfram Technology > Kernel
*Wolfram Technology > Kernel > Numerics
*Wolfram Technology > Programming
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > Graphing and Plotting


fNBookForm2.1.4.tar.gz (73.7 KB) - GZIP archive