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Elementary Matrix Decomposition Package

Frank Zizza
Organization: Willamette University
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ElementaryDecompositions.m is a package for factoring matrices with entries in a Euclidean ring as a product of elementary matrices, permutation matrices, and a diagonal matrix. Allowed Euclidean rings are the integers, the Gaussian integers, and the polynomials in one variable over the fields of rational numbers, real numbers, or complex numbers. Applications include computation of invariant factors of finite abelian groups, minimal polynomials of matrices, and rational canonical form of real matrices.

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Pure Mathematics, Pure Math, Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory, elementary matrix decomposition, engineering, elementary matrices, invariant factors, elementary decompositions, euclidean ring, permutation matrices, permutation matrix, diagonal matrices, diagonal matrix, elementary divisors, finite abelian groups, minimal polynomials
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ElementaryDecomposition.m (10.7 KB) - Mathematica package