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Elementary Euclidean Geometry

Rolf Sulanke
Organization: Humboldt-University Berlin
Department: Mathematics
URL: http://www-irm.mathematik.hu-berlin.de/~sulanke
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Mathematica contains all linear algebraic tools necessary for working in Euclidean Geometry. The notebook "Euclidean Geometry" shows these tools and some variations of them and applies them to define some functions useful in particular in conformal Euclidean geometry.It will be useful for students of the first course who want learning linear algebra and geometry and be introduced into Mathematica. You may download the notebook Euklid.nb together with the package vectorcalc.m, containing affine geometric tools, the package euvec.m, containing modules belonging to Euclidean geometry, and a protocol file rank1.txt, here. See also, http://wwwirm.mathematik.huberlin.de/~sulanke/geo_alg.html#EEG

*Education > College
*Mathematics > Geometry
*Mathematics > Geometry > Analytic Geometry
*Mathematics > Geometry > n-Dimensional Geometry
*Mathematics > Geometry > Surfaces

vector objects, random vectors, rank, orthoframes, unit vectors, norming, cross product, nullvector, standard, base, hyperplanes, stereographic projection, inverse stereographic projection, spheres, spheres through, four points, hyperspheres, parameter representation for n-spheres, inversion at hyperspheres, torus, geodesics on the flat torus, spiral, spiral group, spiral cylinder, Erhard Schmidt's othogonalization, orthogonal, complement.

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